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The Importance of Creating Personalized Experiences for Employee’s Life Milestones

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Why Memorable Events that Recognize Employees Make for Happier, More Successful Work Environments

“Organizational culture” has become a buzzword among the corporate world, as employers realize the importance of creating great work environments for their employees. While there are many ways employers can contribute to a happy office culture, creating personalized, memorable experiences to celebrate employee’s life milestones is one sure-fire way to elevate workplace culture.

By recognizing important events in your employees’ lives, like getting married, welcoming a baby, or retiring, you create a more meaningful environment that unities employees. This not only helps employees feel valued and included, but can drastically increase morale, productivity, and employee retention. When employees are appreciated and treated more like family than worker bees, they are much more likely to stay late, work as a team, and go above and beyond at their job.

At Knot2Naughty, we have worked with companies of all types and sizes, and have seen first-hand the positive effects recognizing an employee has on the entire workplace. While engagement parties, baby showers, and retirement send-offs are some of life’s biggest milestones, they don’t have to be the only reasons to recognize an employee. Maybe you want to welcome a new hire or thank an employee for reaching a high sales goal. No matter what you wish to celebrate, Knot2Naughty can create a personalized package for literally any office affair.

Commemorating employee milestones or achievements with an actual experience as opposed to an impersonal card or gift will develop a more successful work atmosphere. For example, if an employee makes a huge sale or lands that big client and the only recognition they receive in return is a $50 Applebee’s gift card, they are not going to be driven to work as hard in the future. Transactional gifts with topped out dollar amounts don’t inspire or appreciate employees. Instead it proves their major accomplishments are only worth a certain dollar amount.

Which would you rather receive? A note that took two seconds for your boss to sign and a gift card, or a fun celebration complete with an entire package personalized to you. The latter, right?

Memorable experiences that properly recognize employees are a guaranteed way to create culture, motivate, and increase performance levels. Luckily, with Knot2Naughty’s help, it’s also super easy. We’re experts at creating experiences and ensuring they’re unique and meaningful. See Knot2Naughty’s Values Behind Parties Made Easy to learn about the important values that go into developing each of our one of a kind packages. From lunch hour showers to promotion parties, we customize a package to your event and include everything you could possibly need to make the person of honor feel special. Start recognizing your employees’ hard work and specific milestones with personal, memorable experiences, and easily build a happier, more productive workplace culture.

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