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Promotions, Retirements, or New Team Members: How to Properly Recognize or Reward Your Employees

With today’s growing focus on office culture and collaboration, it is becoming more common to recognize and reward coworkers who are about to make a change or are new to the team. Whether you want to acknowledge a promotion, a transition to retirement, or a new employee, recognition beyond a pay raise or pat on the back will go a long way.

By recognizing an employee’s particular milestone, whatever it may be, CEOs, executives, and managers can show their team they truly appreciate the countless hours that person has dedicated to the company. Likewise, making a new employee feel comfortable and welcomed in an unfamiliar office environment promotes a positive workplace.

As a result, work relationships will deepen and the company culture will become more engaging and attractive. Furthermore, collaboration and productivity within the workplace will increase, because all employees will feel valued and aspire to continue or even better their efforts at work.

Sounds great, right? But how exactly do you go about recognizing an old or new employee in a meaningful way? If you’re asking this question, all you need to do is call Knot 2 Naughty. Our experience planning touching and tasteful events within office environments has made us experts at ensuring employees feel special at their place of work. Our selection of affordable “thank you” and “congratulations” boxes are a fun and unique way to perfectly illustrate that you care about your employees and are grateful for their contributions. After all, everyone deserves genuine recognition for their accomplishments.

Nothing says welcome, I appreciate you, or congratulations like a tangible gift. A new employee will feel welcomed anytime they use the gift, while a retired employee might keep it as a cherished reminder of their time at the company. Or if you’re rewarding an employee for a recent promotion, it can, similarly, act as a thoughtful reminder that they worked hard and deserve to be in their new position. Plus, it can also serve as a great talking point while they’re in meetings!

Whatever the occasion, our employee recognition packages will make your employee or coworker feel appreciated. Knot 2 Naughty knows how to make a coworker’s career transition memorable for not only the coworker, but the employees that remain.

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