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Lunch Hour Shower: Planning a Baby Shower for a Co-Worker Just Got Easy

easily plan a baby shower

How to Easily Plan a Baby Shower Over Lunch

You have a coworker who’s about to welcome a new baby into their lives. After months of watching her handle pregnancy symptoms and a growing belly, it only feels right to celebrate her before she goes on maternity leave. However, throwing a baby shower always requires time and effort, and it can be especially difficult to plan something fun and meaningful in a professional, office environment. Of course, the etiquette is quite different from a home shower with close family and friends, but it can still be an enjoyable, touching experience for the mom-to- be and everyone in attendance.

A shower at the office should stay simple and, of course, well-organized. With this in mind, a lunch hour shower is the easiest, most convenient way for everyone to take a break and celebrate your expecting colleague. The event should be kept at an hour and guests can come and go as they are able. After all, everyone still has work to do that day!

There are several preliminary steps to consider first, such as recruiting the help of one or two of the honoree’s closest office friends to divide tasks such as food, refreshments, and collecting contributions to the event.

Although office showers should be more simplistic, there is still a lot of planning and consideration that goes into making it a special experience. Organizing all the details and setting up decorations during the workday can be overwhelming, even with the help of one or two other people. So, after you’ve picked a date, time, and theme, all you need to do is call Knot 2 Naughty, and we’ll handle the rest.

Our main mission is to help you realize the necessary steps to hosting a successful event, while simplifying everything for you. Our lunch hour shower packages include everything from plates, cups, and utensils, to decorations, handmade gifts, and essentials for mom and baby! At an affordable rate, you get a one stop shop to everything you need. This way, you can focus on personalizing the shower for your coworker, instead of running out to Party City for balloons at the last minute.

We deliver the “baby shower in a box” to wherever you choose to host the event and help you with whatever you need, such as setting up decorations. Whether you’re hosting a shower at a large corporation or a small ten-person business, our unique packages and party planning expertise will ensure that the shower is a hit.

Here are a few extra tips to further guide you through the planning process:

  • FIRST THINGS FIRST: Check with your colleague’s boss to make sure your friend is available and doesn’t have any important meetings that day.
  • INVITES: The guest list is dependent on the size of your company. If you work in a small office, then everyone should be invited. On the other hand, if you  work for a large corporation, limit the list to your colleague’s department and anyone she is close with. You also might consider inviting her spouse as a surprise!
  • FOOD: You’ll want to keep things relatively simple when it comes to food, so you are not stuck in the kitchen the entire night prior. Either go potluck style and ask everyone attending to contribute a dish, or spring for catering or takeout and ask your coworkers to chip in.
  • REFRESHMENTS: Since it is a mid-day office shower, avoid serving alcohol. Even if your company is cool with afternoon drinks or team happy hours, this is not the occasion for booze – especially since your expecting colleague can’t partake. Opt for a delicious punch bowl or a few mocktails instead.
  • GIFTS: Gifts should never be expected, especially since this is a work shower and everyone probably has a different relationship with the mom-to- be. To avoid any embarrassment or confusion, simply ask each guest to contribute a reasonable, set amount towards a larger group gift. If you already know the honoree is registered somewhere, include that information with the invites in case someone wants to get a gift separately. Just make sure to keep everyone in the loop.

While you want to host an amazing experience for a coworker you care about, no one wants to be stuck with the daunting task of planning everything. It can be difficult to know what is appropriate and exactly what the mom-to- be will enjoy. Luckily, Knot 2 Naughty knows what moms want, so leave the work to us!

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