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Knot2Naughty’s Values Behind Parties Made Easy

K2N Brand Values

Why We Believe in Making Your Party Memorable with Drop-Shipped Parties in a Box

At Knot2Naughty, we believe in helping our customers create special celebrations without all the hassle of planning. Our unique packages are handmade “parties in a box” delivered to your doorstep, containing everything you need to throw an unforgettable event. Whether you’re planning a baby shower, bachelorette bash, or retirement party at the office, Knot2Naughty can personalize a package to whatever you’re celebrating.

Our values are the key to throwing meaningful parties, and are present behind every box we deliver. Keep Knot2Naughty’s party principles in mind for your next event, and we guarantee it will be nothing short of amazing!

Make it Memorable

If you’re planning a party to mark a significant life event, it’s important you make it memorable for the person you’re celebrating, along with their guests. Every detail should add up to one remarkable affair. If a friend or coworker is having a baby, for instance, the baby shower should be a meaningful experience that reflects their personal tastes. This way, when they look back on their pregnancy, they will remember the thoughtful party you hosted and how special they felt.

Making memorable events is a top priority of Knot2Naughty, so each of our packages are completely one-of-a-kind and catered to the person who will receive it.

Exceed Expectations

The best parties have elements that exceed expectations. No one wants to attend a boring party where everything is exactly as expected. Knot2Naughty’s “Lunch Hour Shower” packages, for example, always include a surprise, handmade keepsake gift for the mom-to-be.  Whether your guest of honor actually likes surprises, they will appreciate you going above and beyond for them, regardless.

Although Knot2Naughty’s mantra is Celebrations Made Simple, our packages filled with party essentials and unique gifts always exceed expectations.

Finish What You Start

If you decide to plan a party, then commit to making it the best party possible. Guests can tell when the host didn’t put in that much effort, and they won’t have as good of a time. However, we know it’s easy to get in over your head with all the details. That’s why Knot2Naughty is dedicated to helping you finish what you start. Don’t have time to get all the bachelorette party supplies and decorations? No problem! Our “parties in a box” have got you covered from A to Z, so you can focus on celebrating with the bride-to-be.

Passion for Experiences

Creating meaningful experiences is Knot2Naughty’s bread and butter. Our passion for experiences ensures exciting and memorable celebrations every time. From engagements, babies, retirements, promotions, and hey, even divorce parties, we love celebrating life milestones. The experts behind Knot2Naughty know what a bride, new mom, or retiring businessman wants, and that’s why we’re able to craft personalized gifts that have a memorable impact for any event.

Harness & Embrace Creativity

Creative elements add a personal touch that make parties that much more special for the guest of honor. You didn’t just pick up the decorations from Party City, you handmade them to match the bride’s favorite color or the new baby’s nursery. Unfortunately, not everyone has DIY skills. That’s why one of Knot2Naughty’s goals is to harness and embrace creativity with our one-of-a-kind packages.

We are constantly coming up with fresh, new ideas that will make your event stand out and leave guests wanting more. When it comes to party planning, creativity is key, but there’s no need for you to try to get crafty when Knot2Naughty is your one-stop-shop for high-quality products and party essentials that are updated regularly!

At Knot2Naughty, these values are our core and the words we live by. With these five principles, we are committed to providing packages that make celebrating each important event an easy and fun experience!


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