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The Best Baby Shower Décors for Inspiration

Baby Shower Décors

How to Create Beautiful, Simple Baby Shower Decorations


Planning a baby shower for a sister, best friend, or coworker? Make the event that much more special with decorations that are as sensible as they are stylish. Knot2Naughty, your baby shower guru, is here to provide inspiration and easy tips for picking the best baby shower décor that will impress all your guests and especially the mom-to-be!

The best baby shower décor emphasizes a theme. Parents who know their baby’s gender can choose an appropriate boy or girl theme, or there are plenty of gender-neutral ideas for parents who want to keep it a surprise. See 5 Creative Themes to Help Plan Your Next Baby Shower for awesome, gender-neutral theme inspiration.

Whatever theme you choose, the right décor will help tie everything together and create a celebratory atmosphere ideal for a baby shower. While you want plenty of fun décor, it doesn’t have to be over the top. In fact, simple pieces tend to be even more beautiful and can still have a big impact. The new mom should always be the center of the room, so you don’t want your décor to overwhelm the space. Plus, simple decorations will make things easier on the planner!


Below, are several easy and stylish décor options and DIY ideas that will turn a boring table or blank wall space into something unique and festive.

Letter Banners


Welcome the mom-to-be and guests to the party with a letter banner matching the colors of your theme! You can easily find a stylish sign in stores or DIY a message of your choice by stringing together individual letters.

Paper Decorations



Have an awkward wall space you just don’t know what to do with? String together paper globes, lanterns, or whatever you can find in stores and hang from the ceiling or tape to the wall. This will easily fill the space, and create a great backdrop for everyone to take pictures in front of. Pro tip: choose various sizes and complimenting colors for the best effect.



Flowers and Greenery



Don’t have the creative DIY skills? No problem. Flowers are simple, timeless décor that will automatically up the elegance of your baby shower. If you’re going for a garden or tea party theme, flower décor will be the perfect match. For a more cost-friendly option, have a strand or two of greenery as the main focal point and just a few accent flowers.




Woodland Decorations


Whether it be for their baby shower or nursery, new moms are going crazy for woodland animal themes right now. And we can see why! From pine cone garlands, to forest-inspired colors, to wood slice platters and mason jars, the décor options are endless and won’t be going out of style anytime soon. Plus, any cute stuffed animals or rustic decorations can double as décor for the baby’s nursery once the party ends!




Use any of these simple, creative décor ideas as inspiration for the next baby shower you’re planning. The décor you choose is so important, because it helps make the event unique and gets everyone in the mood to celebrate the mom-to-be. After all, every mom deserves a stylish event to mark her pregnancy journey!

If you have a theme or vision for your baby shower, but no time to buy or DIY decorations on the weekend, no sweat. Contact us at Knot2Naughty, and we’ll handle all the décor. You can trust our baby shower experts to match beautiful, fun décor to any theme!

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