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5 Bachelorette Party Themes to Help You Plan an Unforgettable Event

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How to Create a Special & Unique Bachelorette Party Off a Theme


A girl’s bachelorette party is arguably one of the most important events leading up to her wedding. It’s her last hoorah with her closet friends as a single woman. As the person planning this ultimate girls trip, you want to ensure the future bride properly toasts the ending to her single life.

This can be a lot of pressure. We, at Knot2Naughty, understand. One of the first tasks at hand is picking a theme for the night or weekend. Once you’ve decided what kind of event it’s going to be, you can organize most of the details around that idea. There are many themes a bachelorette party can take, so the most essential part of this decision is knowing the bride’s personality. If you’re planning the bachelorette party, you probably know her style pretty well already, but it never hurts to have a conversation with the bride to see what she’s expecting.

Whether you’re aiming for girls gone wild or makeovers and a movie, solidifying a theme for a bachelorette party will guarantee everyone understands what type of party it’s going to be. Plus, it will be much more fun for the bride-to-be. With that said, here are five awesome ideas for your next bachelorette party:

  • Casino

Does the bride love to gamble? Choose a casino theme for the bachelorette party and hold it at a swanky casino, local or in Las Vegas. Many casinos are a one stop shop, where you can book rooms, eat at a nice restaurant, and see a show. To add to the event, you can dress in themed attire, such as all black dresses before hitting the tables. And who knows, maybe your group will walk away with some extra money to spend!

  • Cowgirl

If she’s a country girl born and bred, go for a cowgirl theme complete with country music, line dancing, and pitchers of beer at a Western bar. Cowboy boots required. This will be right up the bride’s alley, as opposed to putting on heels for a fancier affair.

  • Spa Retreat

Some brides don’t envision drinking and dancing for their bachelorette party, so give them a more relaxed experience with a full-service spa treatment. A spa theme will allow everyone, most importantly the bride, to be rejuvenated by massages, facials, and pedicures during all the stress of planning a wedding. You can even finish the day with a casual group dinner. The bride will appreciate being pampered instead of hungover the next day.

  • Pancakes and Pajamas

A sleepover theme is another quieter, but equally fun bachelorette party theme. Getting all the brides closest friends together for a night of movies, games, and good ole’ quality girl time can be just what the bride wants. Plus, everyone can drink without having to worry about driving or traveling anywhere. Get the bride a cute pair of pajamas and slippers to wear for the night and prepare a fun breakfast for the next morning and you’re set.

  • Great Gatsby

Make it a sparkly, prohibition-era event to remember by choosing a Gatsby theme. Everyone will have so much fun getting dolled up in glittery dresses and hitting the town. Take the bride out for drinks and dancing, whether it be a swanky nightclub or cocktail bar. Bonus points for staying on theme and finding a speakeasy!


Whatever theme you choose, Knot2Naughty is here to help with some of the details. We deliver a “bachelorette party in a box” to wherever you wish, whether it be the hotel, club, or spa. Our packages include all the bachelorette bash essentials, so you have more time to personalize the event to the bride. Ensure the bride has a fabulous bachelorette party with Knot2Naughty’s help.