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5 Bachelorette Party Rules for Throwing the Ultimate Girl Trip

the best bachelorette party

How to Plan the Best Bachelorette Party with the Girls

Planning a fabulous, unforgettable bachelorette party is no small feat. On top of organizing all the logistics and communicating with multiple bridesmaids, you want to make sure it’s everything the bride has been imagining. Conflicting schedules, ten girls, and one stressed out bride – what could possibly go wrong?

The answer is A WHOLE LOT. That’s why Knot2Naughty is giving you the low-down on throwing the ultimate bachelorette bash. We have a lot of experience with giving brides what they want, so from the guest list to bachelorette party favors, we’ve got you covered. Follow these 5 essential rules while planning, and you’re guaranteed to have an amazing party on your hands that any bride will love!

Rule # 1: Talk to the Bride

This is single-handedly the most important rule to keep in mind while planning. Not every girl dreams of a wild weekend in Vegas filled with penis memorabilia (if that is your thing, though– you go girl). Keep the bride’s personality in mind when you’re picking the location and activities. After all, she’s the one tying the knot!

Whether it’s a relaxing mountain weekend, a spa trip, or club hopping, whatever you’re planning should be close to what the bride has in mind. And if you’re not sure, just ask her. This is a foolproof way to ensure she has a great time at her bachelorette party and you’ll get major cred for being a thoughtful planner!

Rule #2: Set a Budget

While budgeting isn’t the most glamorous part of bachelorette party planning, it’s super important. In the early planning stages, talk with all of the bridesmaids to get a sense of how much everyone is able to spend. Knowing your spending limits early on will help you decide what kind of party to throw.

An unclear or overpriced budget can cause hurt or angry feelings and, even worse, could be the reason someone can’t attend. Making sure everyone is on the same page upfront leaves no room for surprises or uncomfortable financial conversations. This is a bachelorette party, set a budget and leave the drama at home!

Rule #3: Start Planning Early

Do your research and book lodging and transportation as soon as you’re able. Seriously, the earlier the better. This is especially true when you’re dealing with larger groups. Chances are, some things may go wrong, but being on top of your game will give you more room to be flexible and make sure the party goes off without a hitch.

Rule #4: Personalize the Supplies, Favors, and Décor

Choosing personalized bachelorette favors, supplies, and décor is so important, because it helps create an experience that is meaningful to the bride. While bachelorette party decorations don’t have to be extravagant, you want supplies that are personalized to the bride’s specific tastes and interests rather than general, trendy items.

For example, maybe the bride is crazy for margaritas. Decorate her party with a decked out margarita bar, and send all the girls home with customized margarita glasses to remember the festivities! Whatever her thing is, the best bachelorette party supplies and favors have a purpose and meaning behind them. The bride will feel so loved and appreciate the thought you put into tailoring the party to her style!

Having trouble coming up with ideas? Read The Best Supplies for a Remarkable Bachelorette Party for inspiration!

Rule #5: Create Ground Rules for Social Media

Everyone and their mother is glued to social media today. But not every bride wants her mom or boss scrolling past photos of her partying with her best girlfriends. So before everyone has had a few drinks and the selfies ensue, ask the bride what she’s comfortable with in regards to social media posts, and be sure to let everyone know.

While this may not seem like a big deal, it can create a lot of tension for the bride later on. This rule helps keep things tasteful. Make it your groups motto: What happens at the bachelorette party, stays at the bachelorette party!”

Stick to these 5 rules to smoothly navigate bachelorette party planning. At Knot2Naughty, we understand that getting all the details together can be tough. If you’re short on time and ideas, reach out to us and we’ll deliver our “bachelorette party in a box” package to wherever you are! Filled with bachelorette essentials that can be tailored to any theme, we help you give the bride what she wants without all the hassle.

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3 Easy Baby Shower Decorating Tips for a Fun, Meaningful Celebration

best baby show decor

How to Create the Best Baby Shower & What Baby Decor to Use

Organizing a baby shower can be a fun and meaningful experience, but it’s also a lot of work. And the pressure is on for the planner to make it a memorable event. In today’s social media driven world, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the over-the-top, Instagram-worthy details that, let’s face it, most of us just don’t have the time or dollars to recreate.

That’s why the baby shower experts at Knot2Naughty put together a simple 3-step guide to help you navigate the decorating process. Choosing the right décor adds a lot to a baby shower, because it helps create a festive atmosphere perfect for celebrating the mom-to-be. We’re passing our décor tips and baby shower knowledge on to you, so you can execute picture-perfect decorations without all the hassle!

1) Make it Purposeful

The best baby shower décor is centered around a specific theme. Whether you go all pink, rustic, whimsical, or the gender-neutral route, there are endless themes appropriate for any kind of baby shower.

Whatever theme you choose, incorporating purposeful décor will help tie everything together and create a more interesting and special experience for the guests and new mom! Plus, purposeful decorations make for a much more memorable affair, helping you avoid the “just thrown together” look.

If you’re lacking in ideas in the theme department, see 5 Creative Themes to Help Plan Your Next Baby Shower for fun, unique themes to plan your décor around. Even better, Knot2Naughty delivers thoughtful, handmade baby shower packages that can be tailored to any theme.

2) Keep it Simple

While you want to have more than a couple pink or blue balloons, you also don’t have to commit a ton of time and money to ensure stylish baby shower decorations. In fact, simple décor can be even more beautiful and every bit as fun.

A good rule of thumb is the mom-to-be should always be the center of the room. Whether you’re throwing the shower at the office or someone’s home, make sure the decorations compliment, instead of overwhelm, the space. A statement decoration, like a welcome banner or sign, and a few small pieces, such as flowers, cake toppers, or candles are all you really need to achieve simple, yet stylish baby shower décor!

3) Ensure its Personalized

While it can be tempting to scour the millions of ideas on Pinterest for the best baby shower decorations (no judgement here), this doesn’t always lead to the most meaningful experience.

Our advice? Avoid choosing decorations just because they’re trendy. Instead, pick a theme and décor that is personalized to the new mom’s tastes and interests.

Maybe she’s always sharing stories about her trip to Italy before she got pregnant. So throw her a pasta-themed shower, complete with simple décor that emphasizes Italian cuisine and culture. Or maybe she’s a bookworm and has read all the classics. Cater the décor to her reading obsession and plan a literature-themed event.

No matter the new mom’s thing, décor that’s customized to her personal style will be much more meaningful than an overly trendy experience. She will feel so loved, and appreciate the effort you put into planning an event especially for her. Personalized decorations are incredibly thoughtful and, as our mom’s always say, “It’s the thought that counts!”

There you have it. Knot2Naughty’s pro decorating tips that are guaranteed to make any baby shower a special affair. And the best part is Knot2Naughty’s highly customizable “baby shower in a box” packages cover many of the baby shower essentials like cups, plates, and utensils, so you have more time and energy to devote to individualizing the décor!

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The Importance of Creating Personalized Experiences for Employee’s Life Milestones

personalized employee experiences

Why Memorable Events that Recognize Employees Make for Happier, More Successful Work Environments

“Organizational culture” has become a buzzword among the corporate world, as employers realize the importance of creating great work environments for their employees. While there are many ways employers can contribute to a happy office culture, creating personalized, memorable experiences to celebrate employee’s life milestones is one sure-fire way to elevate workplace culture.

By recognizing important events in your employees’ lives, like getting married, welcoming a baby, or retiring, you create a more meaningful environment that unities employees. This not only helps employees feel valued and included, but can drastically increase morale, productivity, and employee retention. When employees are appreciated and treated more like family than worker bees, they are much more likely to stay late, work as a team, and go above and beyond at their job.

At Knot2Naughty, we have worked with companies of all types and sizes, and have seen first-hand the positive effects recognizing an employee has on the entire workplace. While engagement parties, baby showers, and retirement send-offs are some of life’s biggest milestones, they don’t have to be the only reasons to recognize an employee. Maybe you want to welcome a new hire or thank an employee for reaching a high sales goal. No matter what you wish to celebrate, Knot2Naughty can create a personalized package for literally any office affair.

Commemorating employee milestones or achievements with an actual experience as opposed to an impersonal card or gift will develop a more successful work atmosphere. For example, if an employee makes a huge sale or lands that big client and the only recognition they receive in return is a $50 Applebee’s gift card, they are not going to be driven to work as hard in the future. Transactional gifts with topped out dollar amounts don’t inspire or appreciate employees. Instead it proves their major accomplishments are only worth a certain dollar amount.

Which would you rather receive? A note that took two seconds for your boss to sign and a gift card, or a fun celebration complete with an entire package personalized to you. The latter, right?

Memorable experiences that properly recognize employees are a guaranteed way to create culture, motivate, and increase performance levels. Luckily, with Knot2Naughty’s help, it’s also super easy. We’re experts at creating experiences and ensuring they’re unique and meaningful. See Knot2Naughty’s Values Behind Parties Made Easy to learn about the important values that go into developing each of our one of a kind packages. From lunch hour showers to promotion parties, we customize a package to your event and include everything you could possibly need to make the person of honor feel special. Start recognizing your employees’ hard work and specific milestones with personal, memorable experiences, and easily build a happier, more productive workplace culture.

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Knot2Naughty’s Values Behind Parties Made Easy

K2N Brand Values

Why We Believe in Making Your Party Memorable with Drop-Shipped Parties in a Box

At Knot2Naughty, we believe in helping our customers create special celebrations without all the hassle of planning. Our unique packages are handmade “parties in a box” delivered to your doorstep, containing everything you need to throw an unforgettable event. Whether you’re planning a baby shower, bachelorette bash, or retirement party at the office, Knot2Naughty can personalize a package to whatever you’re celebrating.

Our values are the key to throwing meaningful parties, and are present behind every box we deliver. Keep Knot2Naughty’s party principles in mind for your next event, and we guarantee it will be nothing short of amazing!

Make it Memorable

If you’re planning a party to mark a significant life event, it’s important you make it memorable for the person you’re celebrating, along with their guests. Every detail should add up to one remarkable affair. If a friend or coworker is having a baby, for instance, the baby shower should be a meaningful experience that reflects their personal tastes. This way, when they look back on their pregnancy, they will remember the thoughtful party you hosted and how special they felt.

Making memorable events is a top priority of Knot2Naughty, so each of our packages are completely one-of-a-kind and catered to the person who will receive it.

Exceed Expectations

The best parties have elements that exceed expectations. No one wants to attend a boring party where everything is exactly as expected. Knot2Naughty’s “Lunch Hour Shower” packages, for example, always include a surprise, handmade keepsake gift for the mom-to-be.  Whether your guest of honor actually likes surprises, they will appreciate you going above and beyond for them, regardless.

Although Knot2Naughty’s mantra is Celebrations Made Simple, our packages filled with party essentials and unique gifts always exceed expectations.

Finish What You Start

If you decide to plan a party, then commit to making it the best party possible. Guests can tell when the host didn’t put in that much effort, and they won’t have as good of a time. However, we know it’s easy to get in over your head with all the details. That’s why Knot2Naughty is dedicated to helping you finish what you start. Don’t have time to get all the bachelorette party supplies and decorations? No problem! Our “parties in a box” have got you covered from A to Z, so you can focus on celebrating with the bride-to-be.

Passion for Experiences

Creating meaningful experiences is Knot2Naughty’s bread and butter. Our passion for experiences ensures exciting and memorable celebrations every time. From engagements, babies, retirements, promotions, and hey, even divorce parties, we love celebrating life milestones. The experts behind Knot2Naughty know what a bride, new mom, or retiring businessman wants, and that’s why we’re able to craft personalized gifts that have a memorable impact for any event.

Harness & Embrace Creativity

Creative elements add a personal touch that make parties that much more special for the guest of honor. You didn’t just pick up the decorations from Party City, you handmade them to match the bride’s favorite color or the new baby’s nursery. Unfortunately, not everyone has DIY skills. That’s why one of Knot2Naughty’s goals is to harness and embrace creativity with our one-of-a-kind packages.

We are constantly coming up with fresh, new ideas that will make your event stand out and leave guests wanting more. When it comes to party planning, creativity is key, but there’s no need for you to try to get crafty when Knot2Naughty is your one-stop-shop for high-quality products and party essentials that are updated regularly!

At Knot2Naughty, these values are our core and the words we live by. With these five principles, we are committed to providing packages that make celebrating each important event an easy and fun experience!


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The Best Baby Shower Décors for Inspiration

Baby Shower Décors

How to Create Beautiful, Simple Baby Shower Decorations


Planning a baby shower for a sister, best friend, or coworker? Make the event that much more special with decorations that are as sensible as they are stylish. Knot2Naughty, your baby shower guru, is here to provide inspiration and easy tips for picking the best baby shower décor that will impress all your guests and especially the mom-to-be!

The best baby shower décor emphasizes a theme. Parents who know their baby’s gender can choose an appropriate boy or girl theme, or there are plenty of gender-neutral ideas for parents who want to keep it a surprise. See 5 Creative Themes to Help Plan Your Next Baby Shower for awesome, gender-neutral theme inspiration.

Whatever theme you choose, the right décor will help tie everything together and create a celebratory atmosphere ideal for a baby shower. While you want plenty of fun décor, it doesn’t have to be over the top. In fact, simple pieces tend to be even more beautiful and can still have a big impact. The new mom should always be the center of the room, so you don’t want your décor to overwhelm the space. Plus, simple decorations will make things easier on the planner!


Below, are several easy and stylish décor options and DIY ideas that will turn a boring table or blank wall space into something unique and festive.

Letter Banners


Welcome the mom-to-be and guests to the party with a letter banner matching the colors of your theme! You can easily find a stylish sign in stores or DIY a message of your choice by stringing together individual letters.

Paper Decorations



Have an awkward wall space you just don’t know what to do with? String together paper globes, lanterns, or whatever you can find in stores and hang from the ceiling or tape to the wall. This will easily fill the space, and create a great backdrop for everyone to take pictures in front of. Pro tip: choose various sizes and complimenting colors for the best effect.



Flowers and Greenery



Don’t have the creative DIY skills? No problem. Flowers are simple, timeless décor that will automatically up the elegance of your baby shower. If you’re going for a garden or tea party theme, flower décor will be the perfect match. For a more cost-friendly option, have a strand or two of greenery as the main focal point and just a few accent flowers.




Woodland Decorations


Whether it be for their baby shower or nursery, new moms are going crazy for woodland animal themes right now. And we can see why! From pine cone garlands, to forest-inspired colors, to wood slice platters and mason jars, the décor options are endless and won’t be going out of style anytime soon. Plus, any cute stuffed animals or rustic decorations can double as décor for the baby’s nursery once the party ends!




Use any of these simple, creative décor ideas as inspiration for the next baby shower you’re planning. The décor you choose is so important, because it helps make the event unique and gets everyone in the mood to celebrate the mom-to-be. After all, every mom deserves a stylish event to mark her pregnancy journey!

If you have a theme or vision for your baby shower, but no time to buy or DIY decorations on the weekend, no sweat. Contact us at Knot2Naughty, and we’ll handle all the décor. You can trust our baby shower experts to match beautiful, fun décor to any theme!

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The Best Supplies for A Remarkable Bachelorette Party

Supplies for A Remarkable Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette Party Ideas for Favors, Supplies, and Decorations

Every little girl dreams of her wedding day and marrying her soulmate. But every woman also imagines her bachelorette party filled with her other soulmates: her best friends. As the planner, you want to ensure the bride has a fabulous time with her closest friends before tying the knot.

Decorations, favors, and supplies are an extremely important part of a bachelorette party. Otherwise, it will just seem like another girls’ night out. Knot2Naughty is here to guarantee you have all the right supplies and décor you need to make it a bachelorette party for the books.

The best bachelorette party décor is centered around a theme. This is where it’s vital to know the bride’s personality and what kind of party she’s expecting. While you can keep some things a surprise, you’ll want to have a conversation about the basics to avoid any disappointment. See 5 Bachelorette Party Themes to Help You Plan an Unforgettable Event for theme inspiration.

Whether you’re planning a wild night out or a spa weekend, bachelorette decorations will help personalize the event to the bride and get everyone in the mood to celebrate. While you want plenty of fun décor and favors, it doesn’t have to be extravagant. Here are some essential bachelorette party supplies and décor ideas to get the party started!


Bachelorette Sash

Bachelorette Sash


A sash is an easy, festive way to ensure the bride-to-be wears her title proudly in any room. It’s a bachelorette party staple for a reason! You can buy or DIY your own to match the theme and the bride’s tastes.


Balloons and Banners

A statement banner and some balloons done right can add a lot to any space. Coordinate the colors to your theme and come up with a creative bachelorette pun or message to make it even more special! Whether you dress up her hotel room, a private event room, or even the limo, the future bride will appreciate the extra touch.

Bachelorette Banner Bachelorette Balloons








Naughty Décor

Bachelorette parties are known to be a little naughty. Depending on the bride’s personality and the overall theme of the event, a few naughty decorations can be a bachelorette party must have. If this isn’t the time for penis straws and confetti, we don’t know when is!

Bachelorette Penis Straws decor Naughty Bachelorette Decor









Photo Booth Props

Of course, some women imagine a classier affair for their bachelorette celebration. Every bride is different! However, it’s safe to say every bachelorette party will be well photographed. For a tame and Insta-worthy soiree, have adorable, bridal themed props on hand that all the girls can take fun (not embarrassing) pictures with at dinner.



Bachelorette Favors

Bachelorette FavorsSmall, simple favors add a special touch to any bachelorette party. You can even cater them to the theme of the party. If you’re planning a spa weekend, you can gift the girls sleep masks or a small candle, so they can continue the relaxation after the weekend ends!




Use any and all of these ideas as inspiration for the next bachelorette party you’re planning. If you have a theme in mind, but like many of us, not enough time to get all the details together, don’t worry. Book Knot2Naughty, and we’ll deliver our “bachelorette party in a box,” complete with all the bachelorette bash essentials, to wherever you wish. We know what brides want, and you can trust us to get the right supplies, décor, and favors for any theme!

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5 Creative Themes to Help Plan Your Next Baby Shower

creative baby shower themes

Creating a Memorable Baby Shower at Home or the Office


If you’ve never planned a baby shower, you will probably underestimate how much time and effort it can take. One of the biggest upfront decisions is choosing a theme to plan the event around. While it might not sound as important as the food or gifts, having a fun, creative theme ensures the party will flow around a central idea, instead of looking random or thrown together. Plus, it will make the celebration that much more special for the mom-to-be.


Once you have a theme in place, you can let your creative DIY juices flow and tie your invitations, décor, desserts, games, and more to that idea. While a theme can bring a greater sense of festivity to a baby shower, it doesn’t have to be extravagant. The new mom should always be the center of the room. Whether you’re going for traditional, modern, outdoorsy, or whimsical, there are hundreds of themes to choose from, and it can be a little overwhelming. Thankfully, Knot2Naughty has you covered. Below are 5 creative, gender-neutral themes to inspire you:


  • Stock the Library

Is the mom-to-be a bookworm? Celebrate her love of literature by throwing a book themed baby shower. Guests can either bring their favorite children’s book or look to the parent’s registry for their library wishes. This is an awesome way to stock the new nursery’s bookshelves with tales that will be read to the baby all throughout childhood. The magic of a book theme can be captured with lots of playful, fairy-tale decorations.


  • Woodland Animals

This is an adorable theme that works for either a boy or girl. Who doesn’t love baby bunnies, foxes, and deer? To pull together this theme, you can incorporate lots of forest-inspired colors and cute animal images in the décor.


  • Ice Cream Social

Throwing a baby shower in the summer? Soothe everyone’s craving for something cold with an ice cream social theme. This can be an easy one to pull off with brightly colored balloons and streamers and an ice cream sundae bar!


  • Modern Shower

Is the new mom not into cutesy themes and gatherings? No problem. Ditch all the fussy traditions and go with a modern theme instead. Go ahead and invite the dad-to-be and any other close male friends and family and serve great food like tacos or BBQ instead of the predictable finger sandwiches and cupcakes. The mom will feel showered with love by everyone close to her and appreciate the cliché-free zone. After all, she’s about to be surrounded by baby stuff for years and might enjoy one last adult get together.


  • Winter Wonderland

If the new baby is due in the winter months, what could be more perfect than honoring his or her future arrival with a winter wonderland themed shower? Deck out the space with white balloons and other décor in snowy hues. You can complete the wintery vibe by serving hot chocolate, cider, or anything else to warm up your guests.



Any of these themes will certainly impress guests and properly celebrate the new mom and her baby. However, after picking a theme there is still much work to be done. If, like many of us, you find yourself stretched thin, simply call Knot2Naughty to take care of all the décor and details, while you focus on personalizing the shower to the mom. Our party-planning experts will help you successfully pull off any theme or vision you have for the event.


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5 Bachelorette Party Themes to Help You Plan an Unforgettable Event

creative Bachelorette themes

How to Create a Special & Unique Bachelorette Party Off a Theme


A girl’s bachelorette party is arguably one of the most important events leading up to her wedding. It’s her last hoorah with her closet friends as a single woman. As the person planning this ultimate girls trip, you want to ensure the future bride properly toasts the ending to her single life.

This can be a lot of pressure. We, at Knot2Naughty, understand. One of the first tasks at hand is picking a theme for the night or weekend. Once you’ve decided what kind of event it’s going to be, you can organize most of the details around that idea. There are many themes a bachelorette party can take, so the most essential part of this decision is knowing the bride’s personality. If you’re planning the bachelorette party, you probably know her style pretty well already, but it never hurts to have a conversation with the bride to see what she’s expecting.

Whether you’re aiming for girls gone wild or makeovers and a movie, solidifying a theme for a bachelorette party will guarantee everyone understands what type of party it’s going to be. Plus, it will be much more fun for the bride-to-be. With that said, here are five awesome ideas for your next bachelorette party:

  • Casino

Does the bride love to gamble? Choose a casino theme for the bachelorette party and hold it at a swanky casino, local or in Las Vegas. Many casinos are a one stop shop, where you can book rooms, eat at a nice restaurant, and see a show. To add to the event, you can dress in themed attire, such as all black dresses before hitting the tables. And who knows, maybe your group will walk away with some extra money to spend!

  • Cowgirl

If she’s a country girl born and bred, go for a cowgirl theme complete with country music, line dancing, and pitchers of beer at a Western bar. Cowboy boots required. This will be right up the bride’s alley, as opposed to putting on heels for a fancier affair.

  • Spa Retreat

Some brides don’t envision drinking and dancing for their bachelorette party, so give them a more relaxed experience with a full-service spa treatment. A spa theme will allow everyone, most importantly the bride, to be rejuvenated by massages, facials, and pedicures during all the stress of planning a wedding. You can even finish the day with a casual group dinner. The bride will appreciate being pampered instead of hungover the next day.

  • Pancakes and Pajamas

A sleepover theme is another quieter, but equally fun bachelorette party theme. Getting all the brides closest friends together for a night of movies, games, and good ole’ quality girl time can be just what the bride wants. Plus, everyone can drink without having to worry about driving or traveling anywhere. Get the bride a cute pair of pajamas and slippers to wear for the night and prepare a fun breakfast for the next morning and you’re set.

  • Great Gatsby

Make it a sparkly, prohibition-era event to remember by choosing a Gatsby theme. Everyone will have so much fun getting dolled up in glittery dresses and hitting the town. Take the bride out for drinks and dancing, whether it be a swanky nightclub or cocktail bar. Bonus points for staying on theme and finding a speakeasy!


Whatever theme you choose, Knot2Naughty is here to help with some of the details. We deliver a “bachelorette party in a box” to wherever you wish, whether it be the hotel, club, or spa. Our packages include all the bachelorette bash essentials, so you have more time to personalize the event to the bride. Ensure the bride has a fabulous bachelorette party with Knot2Naughty’s help.

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Lunch Hour Shower: Planning a Baby Shower for a Co-Worker Just Got Easy

easily plan a baby shower

How to Easily Plan a Baby Shower Over Lunch

You have a coworker who’s about to welcome a new baby into their lives. After months of watching her handle pregnancy symptoms and a growing belly, it only feels right to celebrate her before she goes on maternity leave. However, throwing a baby shower always requires time and effort, and it can be especially difficult to plan something fun and meaningful in a professional, office environment. Of course, the etiquette is quite different from a home shower with close family and friends, but it can still be an enjoyable, touching experience for the mom-to- be and everyone in attendance.

A shower at the office should stay simple and, of course, well-organized. With this in mind, a lunch hour shower is the easiest, most convenient way for everyone to take a break and celebrate your expecting colleague. The event should be kept at an hour and guests can come and go as they are able. After all, everyone still has work to do that day!

There are several preliminary steps to consider first, such as recruiting the help of one or two of the honoree’s closest office friends to divide tasks such as food, refreshments, and collecting contributions to the event.

Although office showers should be more simplistic, there is still a lot of planning and consideration that goes into making it a special experience. Organizing all the details and setting up decorations during the workday can be overwhelming, even with the help of one or two other people. So, after you’ve picked a date, time, and theme, all you need to do is call Knot 2 Naughty, and we’ll handle the rest.

Our main mission is to help you realize the necessary steps to hosting a successful event, while simplifying everything for you. Our lunch hour shower packages include everything from plates, cups, and utensils, to decorations, handmade gifts, and essentials for mom and baby! At an affordable rate, you get a one stop shop to everything you need. This way, you can focus on personalizing the shower for your coworker, instead of running out to Party City for balloons at the last minute.

We deliver the “baby shower in a box” to wherever you choose to host the event and help you with whatever you need, such as setting up decorations. Whether you’re hosting a shower at a large corporation or a small ten-person business, our unique packages and party planning expertise will ensure that the shower is a hit.

Here are a few extra tips to further guide you through the planning process:

  • FIRST THINGS FIRST: Check with your colleague’s boss to make sure your friend is available and doesn’t have any important meetings that day.
  • INVITES: The guest list is dependent on the size of your company. If you work in a small office, then everyone should be invited. On the other hand, if you  work for a large corporation, limit the list to your colleague’s department and anyone she is close with. You also might consider inviting her spouse as a surprise!
  • FOOD: You’ll want to keep things relatively simple when it comes to food, so you are not stuck in the kitchen the entire night prior. Either go potluck style and ask everyone attending to contribute a dish, or spring for catering or takeout and ask your coworkers to chip in.
  • REFRESHMENTS: Since it is a mid-day office shower, avoid serving alcohol. Even if your company is cool with afternoon drinks or team happy hours, this is not the occasion for booze – especially since your expecting colleague can’t partake. Opt for a delicious punch bowl or a few mocktails instead.
  • GIFTS: Gifts should never be expected, especially since this is a work shower and everyone probably has a different relationship with the mom-to- be. To avoid any embarrassment or confusion, simply ask each guest to contribute a reasonable, set amount towards a larger group gift. If you already know the honoree is registered somewhere, include that information with the invites in case someone wants to get a gift separately. Just make sure to keep everyone in the loop.

While you want to host an amazing experience for a coworker you care about, no one wants to be stuck with the daunting task of planning everything. It can be difficult to know what is appropriate and exactly what the mom-to- be will enjoy. Luckily, Knot 2 Naughty knows what moms want, so leave the work to us!

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Promotions, Retirements, or New Team Members: How to Properly Recognize or Reward Your Employees

With today’s growing focus on office culture and collaboration, it is becoming more common to recognize and reward coworkers who are about to make a change or are new to the team. Whether you want to acknowledge a promotion, a transition to retirement, or a new employee, recognition beyond a pay raise or pat on the back will go a long way.

By recognizing an employee’s particular milestone, whatever it may be, CEOs, executives, and managers can show their team they truly appreciate the countless hours that person has dedicated to the company. Likewise, making a new employee feel comfortable and welcomed in an unfamiliar office environment promotes a positive workplace.

As a result, work relationships will deepen and the company culture will become more engaging and attractive. Furthermore, collaboration and productivity within the workplace will increase, because all employees will feel valued and aspire to continue or even better their efforts at work.

Sounds great, right? But how exactly do you go about recognizing an old or new employee in a meaningful way? If you’re asking this question, all you need to do is call Knot 2 Naughty. Our experience planning touching and tasteful events within office environments has made us experts at ensuring employees feel special at their place of work. Our selection of affordable “thank you” and “congratulations” boxes are a fun and unique way to perfectly illustrate that you care about your employees and are grateful for their contributions. After all, everyone deserves genuine recognition for their accomplishments.

Nothing says welcome, I appreciate you, or congratulations like a tangible gift. A new employee will feel welcomed anytime they use the gift, while a retired employee might keep it as a cherished reminder of their time at the company. Or if you’re rewarding an employee for a recent promotion, it can, similarly, act as a thoughtful reminder that they worked hard and deserve to be in their new position. Plus, it can also serve as a great talking point while they’re in meetings!

Whatever the occasion, our employee recognition packages will make your employee or coworker feel appreciated. Knot 2 Naughty knows how to make a coworker’s career transition memorable for not only the coworker, but the employees that remain.