A Note From Mekida Wilson

For years I have attended celebration after celebration—baby showers, housewarming get-togethers, bachelorette parties, even divorce parties—either as a guest or as a planner and decorator. I’ve always been known for being ‘creative’, so naturally I have fun thinking of new ways to make event planning and gifts stand out and leave a memorable impact.

In my quest for the ‘perfect gift’ I’ve always made sure to incorporate essentials that I knew could be used for the gift recipient and party attendees. Eventually I had a light-bulb moment, and I asked myself, “What if I were to create a party in a box? A celebration made simple?

At Knot2Naughty our goal is to provide you with everything you would ever need to celebrate each important and exciting milestone in your friends’ and families’ lives. Whether it be for personalized gifts, special occasions, or upcoming holidays, friends, family, colleagues, new parents, and grandparents can now celebrate with a celebration made simple: Party in a box.

Knot2Knaughty is your one-stop-shop for these celebrations, and we are committed to provide an easy and fun shopping experience to ultimately deliver the finest quality products and packages, updated regularly. Be sure to Like us on Facebook and visit frequently to ensure you are seeing what’s new!

Best wishes to you and yours, and congratulations!

Mekida Hayes-Wilson

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